Friday, May 7, 2021

Center for Independent Living; Advisory Committee for Culpeper Area


PT and OT Resources Information from VDOE

 Virginia Department of Education (VDOE)’s OT PT Update is designed to establish a direct line of communication with school based OT and PT professionals. To sign up for this service, visit Subscribe to OT PT Update.


Parent Video Series to Support the Learning of Children with Significant Cognitive Disabilities at Home from the National Center on Education Outcomes (NCEO)

The National Center on Education Outcomes (NCEO) and the TIES Center, both funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) have jointly published the first four videos in a series for parents of K-12 students with significant cognitive disabilities. The videos address various aspects of supporting the learning of children with significant cognitive disabilities at home:


Each video focuses on three key questions: Why is it important to focus on this with my child at home? How can I do this at home? What support can I ask for from my child’s school? These videos will help families learn ways to support the learning of their children with significant cognitive disabilities at home and have conversations with teachers to link home to school supports. Educators and other audiences will also find the videos useful as they work with parents and families.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Learning About Medicaid Waivers

The Culpeper County Parent Resource Center and the Office of Special Education in collaboration with the Culpeper Local Interagency Transition Council (LITC) will be hosting a virtual workshop on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 from 6:30 - 8:00 on the topic of Medicaid Waivers.  This workshop is being presented by Tennie Gratz, a Long Term Care Medicaid Specialist with the disAbility Resource Center of Rappahannock Area.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the different types of Medicaid Waivers available, how to begin applying, and who to contact about starting the process.

To register, please go to, or email Kim Bledsoe at

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 540-825-3677 x 4659, or email me at

Friday, April 16, 2021

COVID 19 Resources for Families


COVID-19 Resources for Families

Several resources for families of students with disabilities related to the COVID-19 pandemic are compiled for you below.

The Virginia Board for People with Disabilities (VBPD) has developed three new fact sheets in conjunction with the Partnership for People with Disabilities and the Arc of Virginia, regarding safety information about coronavirus vaccines for people with disabilities, how to receive the vaccine, and what to expect after you get it.

Fact Sheet on the Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines

Fact Sheet on How to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine

Fact Sheet on What to Know After You Are Vaccinated

The Virginia Department of Education's (VDOE's) Special Education and Student Services webpage contains a great deal of information related to COVID-19 and Special Education in Virginia.

The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) has developed this Back to School Considerations Resource Document to assist families as they send their students back to school.

We hope that you find these resources helpful!

I'm Determined 2021 Youth and Parent Virtual Summit!

The Youth and Parent Summit is a three-day event held each June and sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education and the Partnership for People with Disabilities. Youth with disabilities from across the Commonwealth meet to network and discuss issues of importance to youth and young adults with disabilities.


This year, due to safety concerns connected to COVID-19, the event will again be online. This Virtual Summit will follow a similar feel to the face-to-face events in that it will include a welcome from VDOE representatives, sessions for youth which were prepared with the help from our state youth leaders, sessions for parents, a keynote address, an assistive technology lab, and exhibitor information focusing on Virginia resources for youth with disabilities.


This will be our second year hosting a Virtual Summit. We have learned from the successes of the 2020 event, and are planning on building new opportunities for the 2021 event. Our main focus will be offering opportunities for youth and parents to connect, learn and practice self-determination skills, ask questions, and have conversations.


The Virtual Summit is scheduled for June 14-17, 2021. We will focus on the quadrants of our One-Pager: Strengths, Preferences, Interests, and Needs (SPIN) as a way to continue to learn about self-awareness, the choices we make, and how we can continue to set ourselves up for success in a world that looks much different than it did a year ago. As details are finalized, the new information will be added to this page. We appreciate your patience as we continue to build this event.


Applications – Applications are typically collected during January and February in order to give our team enough time to work out room assignments. Since this event is virtual, we do not need as much time. This year, instead of applications, we will be allowing Virginia youth with disabilities to register to attend, meaning all who meet the requirements and register on time will be accepted. Registrations are open until May 7, 2021.


How to Register

Virginia youth with a disability, ages 13-21 may now register by going to the website:

At the bottom of the page select the “Register Now” button. Registration will close May 7, 2021. Late registrations will not be accepted.


Summer Resources

 Hi Everyone!

It is hard to believe that summer is right around the corner.  Here is a link for a resource guide of the many different summer resources available in our area

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Virginia Family Special Education Connection

The Virginia Family Special Education website provides a one-stop-shop for parents, families, caregivers of children with special needs.


Parents and families can and do make a different in their child’s education.


Check out this website:


News from VDOE for Families

Nine Recommendations for Inclusive Learning Recovery for Students with Disabilities

The following organizations focused on supporting students with disabilities, along with families and educators, have developed these 9 Recommendations for Inclusive Learning Recovery for Students with Disabilities.  

  • The Advocacy Institute
  • The Center for Learner Equity
  • The Council for Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA)
  • The Council for Exceptional Children
  • The Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)
  • The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)
  • The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD)
  • The National Disability Rights Network
  • The National Down Syndrome Congress

These recommendations have been identified as necessary to maximize the impact for students with disabilities and to ensure equitable access to strategies for learning recovery.


Critical Decision Points Arrow

Critical Decision Points for Families of Children with Disabilities Videos

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the cancellation of several scheduled Critical Decision Points for Families of Children with Disabilities in-person training events. While the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is eager to get these rescheduled, we recognize that it could be some time before that happens. In the meantime, the VDOE's Coordinator of Family Engagement, Tracy Lee, has recorded five video modules for families to access at home.  They are currently housed on the VDOE's YouTube Channel.

Critical Decision Points Session 1

Critical Decision Points Session 2

Critical Decision Points Session 3

Critical Decision Points Session 4

Critical Decision Points Session 5

The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) Upcoming Events

PEATC, in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE)presents the following two virtual events:

The 2021 Behavior Summit will provide valuable information and a live Q&A with experts from the Old Dominion University (ODU) and the VDOE. For more information about dates and registration, please refer to the 2021 Behavior Summit flyer.

 The Capacity Building for IEP Teams and the Capacity Building for IEP Teams 2.0 virtual events are designed to help IEP Teams build capacity around participating in IEP meetings and collaboration.  Capacity Building for IEP Teams 2.0 is an advanced workshop for IEP Team members who have completed the first workshop. For more information about dates and registration, please refer to the Capacity Building for IEP Teams and Capacity Building for IEP Teams 2.0 flyer.


I'm Determined Move Summit

 Empowering African American Males with Disabilities to Overcome Barriers, Become Self-Determined, and to Graduate High School College & Career Ready.

Each July, the Virginia Department of Education welcomes African-American males with disabilities from across the Commonwealth to participate in a three-day summit. The 2021 MOVE Summit will be a virtual event July 18-20.

Through utilizing state leadership and mentors, young men ages 13-21 engage in activity-based learning. Participants unlock their potential to overcome barriers, become self-determined, and graduate high school to be college and career ready.

Concurrent parent workshops offer resources and tools to promote self-determination in their sons and increase parent engagement in the education process.

The MOVE Summit is sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education. All costs associated with lodging and meals are covered, as well as reimbursement for mileage to and from the event.

To submit an application, go to